Shenzhen International Interior Design Industry Fa


Shenzhen International Interior Design Industry Fair, with 10 Thematic Exhibition areas highlighting the 4th IDCF
Shenzhen International Interior Design Industry Fa
1. Exhibition of excellent interior design works
Exhibitors: Interior designers from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other parts of PRC
2. Changeable space exhibitionConcepts of modern design
Exhibitors: outstanding creative designers home and abroad.
3. Architectural decoration design enterprise exhibition
Exhibitors: Brand architectural decoration and design enterprises (public decoration, household furnishings, environmental arts etc.)
4. Show flat exhibition
Exhibitors: real estate developers, sample unit design institutions
5. Entire kitchen and bath cultural exhibition
ExhibitorsManufacturers and distributors specializing in kitchen and bath wares
6. Decorative material collection exhibitionincluding new materials, new technology
ExhibitorsManufacturers and distributors of brand decorative materials
7. Lighting design exhibition
ExhibitorsLighting /Lighting design companies, manufacturers and distributors of lighting products
8. Exhibition of original furniture and interior artistic collection and luxury products
ExhibitorsManufacturers and distributors of furniture, furnishing, artistic collections, carving etc.
9. Exhibition of digital household, high-class audio and visual and electronic product
ExhibitorsManufacturers and distributors of high-class audio and visual and electronic products
10.Exhibition of supplies for natural disaster emergency  
ExhibitorsManufacturers and distributors of temporary constructions (including tents)