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 Date: December 20, 2004  The celebration of the founding of SZAID and the 2nd General Assembly were held at Wuzhou Hotel. At the meeting are government officials and leaders from such department as SZCPPCC, SZ Association of Science & Technology, Administration of Education, Administration of Civil Affairs, Administration of Land Resources and Real Estate, Guangdong Association of Decorating Industry, SZ Association of Survey and Design, SZ Society of Registered Architects, scholars and experts from Tongji University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, about 400 excellent representatives of the interior design community in Shenzhen.  The Assembly voted and approved the list of the council advisors and the council members for the 1st term, and the 1st Five-Year Development Plan of SZAID by Mr. Zhao Qingxiang, vice-president and secretary general of SZAID. Mr. Cai Qiang, president of SZAID, read the Founding Declaration of SZAID.