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Date: December 30, 2005  The Release of Interior Design Trends 2006 was jointly held at Shenzhen Special Zone Daily office building by SZAID, Shenzhen Association of Real Estate, Shenzhen Association of Residential Sector and Shenzhen Association of Hotels Sector. The trends can show the direction for industrial development and spotlight for social attention and consumption. The trend is helpful for people to get hold of business opportunities, potential customers and increased commercial values.  Speakers at the Release are some senior interior designers, including Mr. Li Yizhong, Mr. Hong Zhongxuan, Ms. He Lei, Mr. Liu Bo, Mr. Hu Fei and Mr. Huang Zhida.  Their exciting speeches are full of cultural identities, design ideas and development trends, thus attracting nearly a thousand listeners, including interior designers, real estate agents, hotel managers from other cities and local residents. Both speakers and listeners are active in communicating ideas with one another.