Awards (Idea-Tops) & Design Works Exhibition

With the theme “discover design”, 2010 the 5th China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Cultural Festival (abbreviation IDCF) will be held in December 10 -12. This activity is jointly organized by the “City of Design”(Shenzhen) Promotion Office, Sports and Tourism Bureau(Shenzhen), Futian District, Shenzhen People's Government and Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID), Zhonghua Interior Design Website (, strongly supported by Art College Tsinghua University, Architecture college Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University and other eight nationwide top design institutions.

  December 10, 2010, In Shenzhen—the sixth worldwide “City of Design",the Interior Design Award (Idea-Tops) will have its first show, which will become a window for the world design industry to come to understand Chinese interior design. It is a core matter that Interior Design Awards (Idea-Tops) & Interior Design Exhibition to 2010 the 5th China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Cultural Festival. Award (Idea-Tops) is promoted vigorously by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, officially named in 2010 to create the most thoughtful and influential interior design award all over the world, discover and praise the best designers and design works.
  As the sixth worldwide “City of Design” awarded by the UNESCO, Shenzhen has regarded the creative design industry as a pillar industry of urban development, by creating the world's most influential professional design awards, gathering world-class designers and design works, all of these are to create a grand blueprint for the “City of Design”, award-winning designers and their works will also have the largest range of global publicity and promotion by the UNESCO in global alliance of creative cities.
  Interior Design Awards (Idea-Tops) works will open selected in the global design community, interior design works encompass a large area of 12 interior design fields, they will be exhibited during the 5th China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Cultural. The winners of the festival award-winning projects and designers will enjoy the opportunity to accept the special honor at the same time, which will bring high additional value and honor.
  [Exhibition Qualification]
  Interior Design Awards (Idea-Tops) works will be open selected in the global design community, participants have no ethnic, religious, regional, country-specific restrictions. Entries must be all completed projects and should be real photos. (Collective creative work must mark the name of the chief designer)
  [Completion Date of Work]
  2010 Interior Design Awards (Idea-Tops) Entries must be completed interior design works in 2009 - 2010.
  [Works of Professional Categories]

Commercial Space
Cultural Space
Exhibition Space
Transportation Space
Office Space
Residential Space
Dining Space
Entertainment Space
Art Display
Lighting Design

  REFER TO:Global Award for Interior Design Show (Idea-Tops) Exhibitor Category Description
  [Important Dates]
  Registration Period: From now until November 30, 2010
  Preliminary Evaluation Time: December 3, 2010
  Final Evaluation Time: December 9, 2010
  Exhibition: Award (Idea-Tops) finalists works will have an exhibition at the 5th China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Cultural Festival, December 10-12, 2010. Award (Idea-Tops) the best design works will have a exchange national tour.
  Online Exhibition: Since December 10, 2010, Zhonghua Interior Design Website ( )
  Yearbook Published: March-April 2011
  [Award Categories]
  (A) Professional Awards
  Best Design Award of Commercial Space
  Best Design Award of Cultural Space
  Best Design Award of Exhibition Space
  Best Design Award of Transportation Space
  Best Design Award of Office Space
  Best Design Award of Residential Space
  Best Design Award of Dining Space
  Best Design Award of Entertainment Space
  Best Design Award of Clubs
  Best Design Award of Hotels
  Best Design Award of Art Display
  Best Design Award of Lighting Design
  (B) Special Awards
  Honorary Academy Award,to commend outstanding contribution to the field of interior design all over the world.
  Award for Cutting-edge Designers: Encouraging creative thinking of young designers, from the participating designers who are under the age of 35.
  [Awards Stages]
  1. Preliminary Evaluation Stage: The Competition Organizing Committee will organize a panel of experts for initial evaluation of the entries to select the finalists, which own the 2010 Interior Design Awards (Idea-Tops) Finalist Exhibition participation qualification, and awarding the finalist certificate.
  2. Final Evaluation Stage: The judges respectively select 5 “Idea-Tops nomination” according to interior design professional category, presenting award certificates and "Nomination Award" medal; to the best one, issued by the Idea-Tops Award , granting award certificate and a trophy. And the special award nominated by the Organizing Committee, with the comprehensive evaluation, then granting the award.
  [Selection Principle]
  Requirements: The concept statement should be clear, accurate; the originality, effectiveness, fidelity, functionality, creativity, aesthetics, environmental protection and other major aspects of assessment are all considered.
  [Ways to Participate]
  1. The participating designers surf the Zhonghua Interior Design Website (’s special page to download and fill out the " 2010 Interior Design Awards (Idea-Tops) Application Exhibition Form."
  2. The entry information Deadline: 10th Dec - 30 November,2010.
  3. Before the deadline, the participating designers submit the disc of the works and the "Application Form" (by mail or e-mail) to the Organizing Committee Office.
  4. For the finalists, the Competition Organizing Committee will make works of display panels unitarily, participating in the Interior Design Awards(Idea-Tops) Finalist Exhibition in Dec. 10 -12 at the Civic Center in Shenzhen. (Submission of information that deemed to have agreed on display)
  [Participation Information]
  1. The participating work must be submitted in two forms (assessment and exhibition need display panels, publishing need the original pictures and text):
  (1). For assessment and exhibition documents: Display panels (width 1 m × 1 m high), each entry is limited in two panels. Designers names, descriptions and photos and other personal information should be placed in a 16cm diameter circular area, the color of the circular area should be clearly distinguished in the exhibition, in the circular area should also be marked " Idea-Tops Award " in Chinese and English. The location of the round and the form of the panels depend on the designers.
  Allows each participant to provide several entries, but each is required to submit a complete application of the work materials; allows participants on behalf of a team; complete entries panels must reflect on the following:
  ①Design concept of the text description (no more than 200 words, under No.3 bold script);
  ②Work plan, profile, the node diagram is allowed;
  ③The scenes photos of work;
  ④Work or project name.
  (2). For the publication of the document: Including the entire contents of the panels, without typesetting, and much information about the work is allowed, and it needs another 300 words profile about the designer.
  2. The format of the image file: JPG, TIF, PSD or CDR; the resolution: more than 300dpi.
  3. Special Note: The above information submitted should be placed in two different folders.
  4. The organizers will check submitted materials in form, incomplete, incorrect or does not meet the requirements of the participating materials will be deemed into invalid, the organizers have the right to cancel any failure which submit uncompleted participating materials or materials submitted does not meet the requirements of this rule.
  5. When participants submitting works, should select the professional category, if it can not be determined, or project features are not attributable to the current category, the judges will determine the category.
  [Charge Standard]
  Each display panels (width 1 m × 1 m high), the member of the Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID) charge 600 Yuan, 800 Yuan for non-members, including assessment, panel production, exhibition, yearbook publication.
  [Publicity Promotion]
  Receiving Interior Design Award (Idea-Tops) means the start of a series of promotional activities, the organizing committee will devote to promoting and disseminating the winners of design ideas and achievements in a variety of occasions, to expand “Idea-Tops Award” brand influence.
  1. The awards ceremony: The ceremony will be held in Sheraton Shenzhen Futian, and nearly forty news media will broadcast the great event;
  2. The Sharon, forum of the appreciation works about the Idea-Tops Award: Sharon, forums and other professional academic exchanges about the Interior Design;
  3. Award (Idea-Tops) Yearbook: compiled "IDCF annual International Design Award - Award (Idea-Tops) yearbook entries" , public issue;
  4. Award (Idea-Tops) Online Show: Zhonghua Interior Design Website ( will make Award (Idea-Tops) special topics, and have a online exhibition of the winning work and institution, to create a never-ending Idea-Tops Award;
  5. The news media: Award-winning designers will have the interview opportunities by television, newspapers, and other major news media which recommended by the Organizing Committee;
  6. Works National Tour: Ward (Idea-Tops) finalists works will have an exhibition at the 5th China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Cultural Festival, December 10-12, 2010. Award (Idea-Tops) the best design works will have a exchange national tour.
  [Competition Rules]
  First, the rights and obligations:
  1. The participates have the equal right to evaluate, supervise, and advice; the organizing committee’s responsibility is to listen to the proposed obligations;
  2. The organizing committee have the right to disseminate the participating works in any form for free;
  3. The organizing committee have no obligation to return the information submitted by the participates, the sponsor, organizer and the Organizing Committee don’t accept any claims of any kind;
  4. If the Organizing Committee can’t select the appropriate participating works, it can reserve the right to award any prize;
  5. The participates are fully entitled to freely choose whether to participate in this competition or not, once participate in it or any link of it is deemed to have fully understood and accept the rules and their interpretation, including the explanation terms;
  6. The entry must be original artworks, the competition against copying or plagiarisming works of others, violating intellectual property rights of others, and caused by the works of their own intellectual property issues, the organizers shall not be liable;
  7. If there is a occasion that the finalists or winners of a candidate status irregularities, false work, in violation of copyright or other laws and regulations, and confirmed, the Organizing Committee can revoke its finalists and award status, get back the trophy and certificate;
  8. The organizing committee for this event is final.
  Second, the come into force and power of the interpretation:
  1. The interpretation and amendment of these rules modified by the organizers;
  2. Since October 8, 2010, the rules come into effect.
  [Contact Way]
  Address: No.1611-1612, Pengji Time&Space Business Building 50, 1 Bagua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
  Tel: +86-755-83869411 +86-755-83869428 +86-755-83869028-618
  Fax: +86-755-83868622 +86-755-83869848
  Organizing Committee Official Tianten Infopub:
  Attachment: Interior Design Awards (Idea-Tops) & Interior Design Exhibition Application Form