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Date: December 29, 2005  The 1st Annual Awards Presenting Ceremony for Shenzhen Interior Design Sector was held in the evening at Wuzhou Hotel. There are ten decoration firms winning the Best Interior Design Firms 2005, such as Shenzhen Houfu Design Firm and Shenzhen Construction Decoration (Group) Co., Ltd.  Ten of the interior designers won the Best Interior Designers 2005, including Mr. Li Yizhong and Wei Xuesong. Awards for Outstanding Contribution in Interior Design are given to five people, including Mr. Sun Jizhong and Mr. Zhao Qingxiang.  Eight of material suppliers are given the awards of the Most Influential Brands in Decorating Materials. The awards of the Most Contributive Products are given to Shunde Dynasty Furniture, Guangdong Jiajun Ceramic Products and Eagle Ceramic Products. Government officials and scholars include Mr. Huang Zhongwei, Ms. Xin Benlan, Mr. Cao Jiageng, Mr. Zhang Baoquan, Mr. Liu Yonggen, Mr. Li Jinhong, Mr. Zhang Yiming and Mr. Hu Jingzhi.  Also on the scene are Mr. Chen Shaohua, a famous graphic designer, Mr. Zhuang Weiming, chairman of Keyuan Construction Group, Mr. Su Weizhan, general manager of Shunde Dynasty Furniture Group, Mr. Zhang Yu, director of the General Manager Office of Eagle Ceremics Company. Other guests are from Shenzhen Society of Registered Architects, Shenzhen Association of Real Estate Industry and Shenzhen Association of Hotel Sector. They helped to present the awards to organizations and individuals.