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Date: December 20, 2005  The 3rd Council Member Meeting of SZAID was held at Sichuan Hotel.  50 council members attended the meeting. By the agenda, a total of 22 senior designers were elected by voting to be council members, including Mr. Jiang Chongyuan, former chief engineer of Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration Engineering Company, Ms. Chen Junyi, director and deputy chief engineer of Design Institute of Shenzhen Construction and Decoration Group. In addition, Shenzhen Mingdiao Home Decoration & Design Company is elected to be an organizational member. A total of 9 people are selected to be executive council members, including Mr. Liu Weiping, an associate professor and dean of Arts & Design Department of Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College, Mr. Yang Bangsheng, director of Design Institute of Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration Engineering Company. Additional vice presidents elected at the meeting are Mr. Huang Ting, chief engineer of Shenzhen Keyuan Construction Group, Ms. Chu Menglan, design supervisor of Shenzhen Xinke Special Decoration Engineering Co. Mr. Cai Qiang, former vice president of SZAID and a professor of Sheznhen University, is elected to be the new president of SZAID. Thus the organization of SZAID is strengthened and enhanced further.