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Date: April 28, 2006  Academic Lecture on Artistic Ceramics Application Trend in Design and Championship Ceramic Products Promotion are held at Grand Skylight Garden Hotel. The event is organized by SZAID with the assistance of Huanaili Building Materials Store and Shenzhen Branch of Yueguan Building Materials Co., Ltd.  Speakers include Mr. Lai Zengxiang, a professor of Tongji University, Mr. Guo Qiang, a professor of Tsinghua University, Mr. Zhao Qingxiang, vice-president and secretary general of SZAID, Ms. Zhang Jialin, vice-president of SZAID and deputy director of the Construction Office of Shenzhen University, Mr. Yin Yanming, executive council member of SZAID and director of Chuangyu Design firm, and Mr. Huang Zhida, council member of SZAID and director of China Business Office of Hong Kong Honghualong Interior Design Firm. A total of 200 listeners attended the event, including senior members of SZAID, managers and designers of some design firms. The lectures are intended to work out a mechanism between interior design sector and materials suppliers.  Application trends are explored in terms of the use of ceramic products in design. People may know more about new ceramic products and trends in fashion. Meanwhile, the event facilitates the communication between designers and ceramic products suppliers and helps to improve the expertise in interior design and products design.