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Date: March 21, 2006  Interior Design and Products Design Application in Spring 2006 & Release on Hongnai Flooring Tiles with New Technology and New Products was jointly held at Chutian Hotel by SZAID and Shenzhen Sales Center of Hongnai Wood Products Group. About a hundred people attended the event, including interior designers such as Ms. He Lei, Mr. Li Wenjiu, Mr. Chang Liqun, and Mr. Zhang Zhihuang, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Association of Decoration Industry, Mr.Tang Yun, assistant President of Hongnai Wood Products Group, Mr. Jin Xique, general manager of Shenzhen Sales Center of Hongnai Wood Products Group. Some members of SZAID also joined the event.  As a representative of all interior designers, Ms. He Lei, a senior interior designer, delivered a lecture on the relation between interior design and decorating materials. The event helped interior designers know more about basic materials for design and the commonly used flooring materials in Europe and America. Hopefully, interior designers may benefit from the event in terms of improving their professional levels.