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Date: December 29, 2006  Venue: Shenzhen Citizens Center
Annual Meeting of Shenzhen Interior Designers 2006 as part of Innovative December Activities, jointly organized by the 3rd Panel of Interior Design Division of China Society of Architecture, Shenzhen Association of Decoration Industry and SZAID.  Attending the meeting are over 500 people, including chairmen, general managers, principal designers of design and decoration firms, individual designers, major leaders of SZAID and government officials, Mr. Zhang Keke, Mr. Xiao Jiean, Mr. Liang Yu, Mr. Jin Jiwu. Besides, leaders of some associations include Mr. Liu Liping, secretary general of the 3rd Panel of Interior Design Division of China Society of Architecture, Mr. He Wenxiang, president of Shenzhen Association of Decoration Industry, Mr. Wang Tie, board member of China Association of Architecture and Decoration and professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts.  The meeting is about the theme of Harmony  Innovation  Brands  Development, summary of the annual achievements, recognition of outstanding people and promotion of good product brands. Meanwhile, renowned scholars, excellent designers and business people of decoration firms jointly discuss industry trends and development strategies. The annual meeting draws more attention to the design community, thus helping the people of all walks of life to recognize and support the interior design sector.