Profile of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers
  Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers is established with the approval of Shenzhen Bureau of Civil Affairs and Shenzhen Society of Science and Technology. It is a professional and non-profit social organization, comprising interior designers in Shenzhen (Certificate No. 00557). Its name in English is Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers, abbreviated as SZAID.


  Purpose and Mission
   As a Class A association in Shenzhen, our purpose is to pull together all interior designers for promotion of academic research, design level, communication and cooperation among national and international interior designers; hold together all the interior designers as a joint force; consolidate and enhance the influence of Shenzhen interior designers in the whole nation; play the roles of services, communications, coordination and supervision so as to serve all the interior designers, interior decoration firms and consumers; as a bridge and connection between the government and interior designers, we offer professional advice and proposals for government decision-making process. Besides, we assist the government in standardizing the management and certification of decorating firms and practitioners, thus promoting the R & D and application of new materials, new process and new standards, which may ensure the healthy, orderly and speedy development of the interior design sector.

  Our members are classified into individual member, organizational member, honorary member and student member. With excellent achievements, performance and influence in the interior sector, an individual member can be promoted to a senior member through the meeting of directors. With prominent accomplishments or important contributions in the fields of our association, an individual member can be granted the title of an honorary member through the meeting of directors. Membership application has to be submitted with relevant qualification certificates and review of the directors’ meeting.

   Publication and Web Site
   Our publication is Shenzhen Interior Design and our Website is These two media are intended to boost interior design culture and promote the concept of interior design, thus setting up a platform for designers to show their flairs and share their experiences.
   With the substantial support of supervising government agencies as well as joint efforts of our excellent interior designers, we are in a good position in Shenzhen to strengthen ourselves with self-discipline, intensify our cooperation and communication with our national and international counterparts, and eventually push our national interior design sector to face the world for competition. Welcome people of all walks of life to work closely with our association!