Mrs. Chu Menglan

Mrs. Chu Menglan Vice-President,Senior architect, senior interior designer, chief engineer and chief supervisor of Shenzhen Xinke Special Decoration Construction Company under SEDI (Shenzhen Electronics Design Institute), panel member of De...... [more]

Mr. Huang Ting

Mr. Huang Ting Vice-President,Senior industrial arts designer, senior interior architect, stage arts designer, painter, council member of SZAID, panel member of Shenzhen Experts Federation, chief engineer of Shenzhen Keyuan Construction Gro...... [more]

Mr. Zhao Qingxiang

Mr. Zhao Qingxiang Vice-President and Secretary General,Director of Shenzhen Interior Design Vocational Skills Appraisal, National First Class Examiner, Senior manager, Excellent Vocational Education Expert, member of Zhonghua Vocational Ed...... [more]

Mrs. Zhang Jialin, Vice-President

Mrs. Zhang Jialin, Vice-President Senior engineer, Masters Degree in decoration design and construction, Tsinghua University. Chief designer for numerous large public building and construction projects. Accumulated an abundance of building...... [more]

Mr. Cai Qiang, President

Mr. Cai Qiang, President Professor and advisor for Masters Degree candidates at Shenzhen University, researcher of China Institute of Arts, senior interior architect and landscape architect. 1992 1994 Master Degree in interior design, Colle...... [more]