The Constitution of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designe

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The Constitution of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers

Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID)
Shenzhen, China
The Constitution is formulated in accordance with the sample text of constitutions for social entities in the People’s Republic of China and passed by the General Assembly of SZAID on September 22, 2004.

Chapter I. General Provisions
Article 1:The full name of the Association is Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (hereinafter referred to as SZAID).
Article 2:Nature of SZAID: SZAID is a social entity founded on a professional, non-profit making and voluntary basis, making up of professional designers and other people in the interior architecture and related professions in Shenzhen.
Article 3:Mission statement: SZAID is to strictly abide by the Constitution, Laws, Rules and Regulations as well as national policies, develop and improve codes of social conduct, academic exchange, professional standards of designers, material suppliers, standards of creativity, workmanship and technical innovation, thus enhancing service ethics, boosting social construction, exchange of ideas in the interior design sector, gathering members and advancing interior space quality.
Article 4:SZAID is under the guidance of Shenzhen Association of Science and Technology and registered with the Shenzhen Administration of Civil Affairs.
Article 5:Office address:10F, Sichuan Building, Hongli Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 518028  China

Chapter II. Fields of Operation
Article 6:Fields of operation: SZAID shall be engaged in the following fields of operation:
1. To safeguard the interests of members, represent their common desires and suggestions, assist government agencies in supervision, play the role of consultancy and advocacy.
2. To coordinate the activities of members and ensure the competition is going on in a fair, just and orderly manner.
3. To enhance the regulation of the interior design sector, supervise members to operate by legal means, get them to sign self-disciplinary agreements, restrict unfair competition, ensure a fair market competition.
4. To conduct appropriate surveys, offer public affairs policy and regulatory proposals regarding interior design fields.
5. To organize the training courses and appraisal for members so as to improve the standards of professional ethics and their skills.
6. To be entrusted by the government in appraisal of interior designers qualification and review of qualifications of design firms.
7. To guide and supervise members in promotion and application of new materials, new workmanship, enhance environmental protection for better economic results.
8. To coordinate and organize academic exchange, exhibition of works and competition among interior designers in China and overseas.
9. To organize and compile internal newsletters, academic publication and teaching materials.
10. To undertake other businesses entrusted by supervising authority, relevant government agencies or member units.